Pushing gorgeous pixel art, WayForward’s River City Girls 2 is an indie RPG-lite that handstand-kicks past the limits of modern beat-em-ups, but unlocking the Guilty Gear crossover characters proves to be a complex process that takes time and attention to detail. Here’s what you need to know to unlock Guilty Gear’s Jam Kuradoberi and Sol Badguy as playable assists in River City Girls 2.

All Gear locations

There are 12 gear pieces that can be found in River City Girls 2. They are only in New Game Plus and collecting all 12 gears unlocks Guilty Gear’s Sol Badguy and Jam Kuradoberi as recruits who can be hired with in-game currency. It also completes the trophy and achievement “Gimme A Break”.

Gears (and Amy’s Candy) are worth fighting for.

Mall Lobby (Crosstown)

The first gear piece can be found in the Mall Lobby over in Crosstown. Enter the mall and then place the nearby bench in front of Amy’s Candy shop. Climb up and hurdle the vents to grab the gear.

Crosstown Bank (Crosstown)

Make your way to the Crosstown Bank and hang a right until you see a large portrait hanging on the wall. Dive Kick the framed painting a few times to break it entirely and you’ll find another gear piece.

Parking Garage (Crosstown)

On the east side of Crosstown, make your way through the Parking Garage location and walk to the right until you find a sign that reads “ZONE”. Hop onto the nearby ledge, parkour onto the speaker to the left, and jump towards the collectible on the right to get your last gear piece in Crosstown.

Wall grabs won’t save you in the Toy District.

Toy District (Uptown)

The first gear piece in Uptown can be found by taking the bus to the Toy District. Walk on over to the alleyway next to the shop and jump towards the “TOYS” sign for the gear (and a sick wall grab).

Yokocho (Uptown)

Head over to Yokocho on the east side of Uptown and sprint (or fight) your way past the Soup ‘N’ Sticks, the cute punk couple, and the Hannya bouncer until you get to a string of orange lanterns overlooking two vending machines. Climb the nearby pipe and grab the gear from the balcony.

Provie is one of River City’s best kept secrets.

Farmers Market (Downtown)

The first gear in Downtown can be found at the Farmers Market. Stick to the right side until you find a parked white truck and wail on it a few times to break the rear doors and collect the gear piece.

Junk City (Downtown)

Make your way to the Junk City location in Downtown and climb the platforms on the left side of the junkyard. Keep climbing up to find a short ladder and a gear piece that’s overlooking the entrance.

Skid Street (Downtown)

Upon entering Skid Street, walk past the Book Bistro shop and climb the chain fence near the sign that reads “Caution: Excuse Our Dust”. Scurry over like it’s Super Mario Bros. 3 and hop over to the rooftops of the nearby building to find the gear piece right above the River Line Station sign.

Waterfalls are serene when mobs aren’t around.

Temple (Flatirons)

For the first gear piece in Flatirons, head over to the Temple location. Break the seven Guardian Lion statues next to the entrance and staircases, and collect the gear from the waterfall that’s on the left.

Witchy Woods Entrance (Flatirons)

At the Witchy Woods Entrance, make your way to the right and climb up to reach the “???” area. Traverse the Woods until you reach a river and dog paddle towards the left to find the gear piece.

Campground (Flatirons)

Visit the Campground to find a wooden sign near the campfire; jump on it to retrieve the gear.

Waterfall (Flatirons)

The final gear piece can be found in the Waterfall location on the east end of Flatirons. Head over to the waterfall on the right and hopscotch the platforms in the river to pick up the last collectible.

Jam excels in fried rice dishes and beatdowns.

How To Recruit Guilty Gear’s Jam Kuradoberi

After finding six gear pieces in NG+, Jam Kuradoberi will appear in the Uptown district of River City. She can be found in Yokocho, on scaffolding to the right of Soup ‘N’ Sticks, and her services can be hired for $25 to $50–with her signature Ryuujin kick being a spicy addition to the Primo fight.

Sol is still a GG ambassador for hair care.

How To Recruit Guilty Gear’s Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy can be found in Ocean Heights after collecting all 12 gear pieces and defeating Blaire (Flatirons) and Tsuiko (Technos) to access the Beach Plaza area. He’s posted up in front of Primo’s restaurant and can be hired for $50 to $150 for epic poses and a dedicated Gun Flame button.