Max Verstappen’s day out at the beach was captured by a photographer, and some of the pics were shared on social media. They showed the Red Bull driver having fun at the beach and jumping into the water.

Quite a few pictures were seemingly captured at the wrong moment, so they turned out to be quite funny, sending Twitter into meltdown. Here are some of reactions from fans:

“Max what is happening my man”

“I have so many questions about what he was attempting to do”

“Max thought he saw Lewis in the water is smth”

“That’s our championship winner everyone”

“he wants to show how good he surfs without a board”

“That max should be locked up cause he’s a danger to himself? Yes”

“He gives us pretty much no content since the FIA gala and then he does this”

“Eww why is a Charles fan account sharing a picture of an ugly dutchman?”

“I think that’s not how you surf but since I don’t live on the coast I don’t have an opinion”

“he’s having a great time, what’s going to happen hahahahahahahaha say that if my king is me just like with my brother when I wasn’t a bitter teenager”

“A brilliant set of photos whoever captured these ever so grgracefullyDon’t give up your day job Max”

It’s questionable whether clicking Verstappen’s pictures when he wasn’t aware of and publishing them is ethical, but that’s the new F1 ecosystem we live in by the looks of it.

Max Verstappen’s partner praises his detachment from material things

Max Verstappen’s partner Kelly Piquet, in a recent interview, showered praise on the Red Bull driver for his detachment from material things. Talking about Verstappen, Piquet said:

“He remains so modest; he stands firmly with both feet on the ground. He’s shown everyone that he deserves it; he’s the driver who makes the fewest mistakes on the racetrack right now, and he’s very consistent. He is confident and not interested in fame or material things.”

Verstappen will look to defend his title in 2023 even though the challenge is going to be much bigger. Mercedes and Ferrari will be better placed and to add to it, Red Bull will be on the back foot because of their cost cap penalty. The 2023 F1 season could prove to be the toughest title campaign of Verstappen’s career.