In a recently concluded poll, F1 fans voted the race in Silverstone as the best race of the season. The other options picked by the fans, however, left a lot to be desired. The top 5 fan-favorite races, as shared on the official F1 social media account, were Silverstone, Sao Paulo, Bahrain, Belgium, and Hungary, in that order.

Having Silverstone at the top was not a surprise as it was one of the most action-packed races of the season. What was surprising, however, were the other options, especially Spa. At the 2022 F1 Belgian GP, Max Verstappen drove his way through the field and won the race quite comfortably and hence quite a few fans were not too happy with the rankings. Here are some of the reactions on social media:

“okay, who voted for spa?”

“I’d like to swicth Bahrain with Jeddah. But I think Ferrari fans went for Bahrain bcz they got the only 1-2 of their season”

“not Brazil and the famous “I gave my reasons and I stand by it”

“Silverstone was a great race, but it doesn’t deserve the top spot. If it reversed with Interlagos it would be the ideal scenario, but the vote was not made in an analysis of what was best, but rather, in what is the best, as if it were a vote to win something.”

“It was a super race plus I was there watching the live action from Silverstone #BritishGrandPrix”

“Jeddah was a really good race but people are not ready for this conversation”

“Yeah, it was epic when Verstappen thought his car was burning, but luckily it only were missiles hitting gasoline tanks next to the track…”

“Other than maybe Silverstone and Brazil I couldn’t tell you what happened in any Grand Prix from last season and I watched them all. Ask me about any race from the 90’s or 00’s and I could tell you almost lap for lap. I’m not sure why that is.”

F1 looking at the emergence of new teams on the grid

In a latest development, F1 is looking at the emergence of new teams on the grid in the 2026 season. In a recent announcement, FIA president Mohammad Ben Sulayem invited prospective candidates for their expression of interest.

Since then, we’ve had Andretti announcing a partnership with Cadillac as it aims to make its bid to be a part of the F1 grid. Reports suggest an Asian team is on the cards as well. The sport is changing and evolving and opening its arms to new possibilities in the coming years.