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One of the best things to do with your closest friends is to have a sleepover. If you ask us, this activity is just as exciting for adults as it was in childhood. If you have never been in one before or wish to make your next one memorable, here are some of the best yet simple activities you can perform. Feel free to use your ideas, as this is just a guide for you to plan things easily.

  1. Play Old-School Games 

Playing games is one of the oldest rituals of a sleepover. There is a wide variety of games that you can play with your friends at home based on your age. If you are in your 20s, you can play games like Cards Against Humanity, Sequence, etc., or even Truth and Dare with your version of the rules. You can make any game interesting with your twist to it, and have the most fun playing it. After all, the entire point is to have fun.

  1. Stream Scary Movies

Streaming scary movies while your face is half hidden under the blanket and your friends cracking jokes at every jump-scare scene would never get too old to be repeated at every sleepover. With so many latest horror movies now released this year, there is a wide variety of options for you to choose fromeither Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Max in UK. And if you get too scared to get a good night’s sleep after the movie, you would have your group give you company as you sleep (or make things worse for you as that entirely depends on your friends).

  1. Be Creative with the Snacks 

With so many fancy concepts like a charcuterie board to vamp up your food station at sleepovers, you can either go for them with cheese or fondue as a main attraction or opt for a cheaper version of it with snacks. It would not only look super attractive but also be fun for you to munch on. There are more food varieties for you to explore without burning a hole in your wallet. 

  1. Do a Makeover 

For girls, most of them would relate to them doing a makeover of each other as kids and taking adorable pictures for fun. There is a much better adult version to it as well which involves just as much fun (and a rather updated look) to experiment with the gang. You can either follow any viral TikTok makeover look or copy any celebrity’s styling which you think you can pull off. So, flex your makeup and hairdo skills and look like absolute divas together!

  1. Keep your Phones Away

We cannot stress enough this point about how important it is. When you are with people you care about and spend time with them, keeping phones away could make a huge difference in your being present in the moment. Using your phone all the time while being in a company is impolite on its own, but you could potentially miss out on so many fun moments if you stay buried in the drama on your phone. To make it interesting, you could play a game where anyone who picks up their phone first pays for everyone’s dinner that night. 

  1. Lots of Takeouts!

Food makes anything and everything better. Stressed? Eat your favorite food. Bored? Cook your favorite food. Angry? Eat the person who made you feel that way (we are kidding, of course. Or are we?). But in all seriousness, ordering takeout at a sleepover just hits differently. There are tons of options among different cuisines that you can order and split the bill to make it as economical as possible. This way, you could be loaded on your next sleepover and have the time of your life!

  1. Talk the Night Away 

With the rest of the points above being fun on their own, nothing and we repeat, NOTHING can beat the feeling of having a deep, heart-to-heart conversation with your friends about anything and everything. Such conversations are enough for a person to gain a better insight into light, or have a good laugh which they may have missed for some time. So, make sure that you take some time away from the games and stuff and just talk over a few glasses of drinks with the ones you trust to feel vulnerable.

Final Thoughts

With these 7 fun activities to make your next sleepover memorable, we hope that you have the best time with your friends spending time indoors together and having a cozy night doing everything fun. Feel free to give your touches to these activities to revamp their fun to another level.

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