New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, a couple in Bengaluru was fined by cops for roaming on the road late at night. The man who paid Rs 1,000 to settle the matter and go home peacefully shared his incident on Twitter. However, Bengaluru City Police was quick to respond on the social media platform saying the deviant behaviour of any staff will not be tolerated.


In his tweet, the man said he was walking back home with his wife after attending a friend’s cake-cutting ceremony at 12:30.

However, they were stopped in the middle of the road by a patrol van. The cops sitting in the car said, ”You are not allowed to roam on the road after 11 PM.”

When the man said, they are not aware of such rules, issued by the police department. The cops added, ”Literate people like you should know about such rules.”

The man on Twitter wrote, ”We apologised for being ignorant about the rule and assured them of not venturing out at night again.” But the cops did not let go of the couple and demanded Rs 3,000 as a penalty.

Further in the tweet, the victim wrote that they did not want to extend the argument so they agreed to pay a settlement amount of Rs 1,000 via PayTM QR code.

In the 14th tweet out of 15, the main raised the question and tagged the city police asking — Is this not terrorism, is this not legalized torture?

”If the protectors of law themselves break the law and prey on hapless citizens, whom do we turn to?,” wrote another person.

Taking instant action, Bengaluru Police identified the cops and suspended and initiated a departmental action.

It added not deviant behaviour from its staff will be tolerated.