New Delhi: The five times Grammy award winner Celine Dion on Thursday announced the postponement of her 2023 tour. The reason being she is suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome. This brought everyone’s attention to this rare disorder.

Celine Dion took to Instagram and posted an emotional video informing everyone as to why she is postponing her 2023 tour.

She also said that this rare syndrome affects one in millions. She also said that she misses being on stage and performing but her condition is not allowing her to do so. The spasms caused by this disorder are affecting her ability to walk and sing. The announcement left her fans in shock and netizens in complete curiosity as to what this disorder really is.


What is Stiff Person Syndrome?

Stiff Person Syndrome is a Central Nervous System disorder that causes progressive muscle stiffness and spasms. It is a rare neurological disorder that can get triggered by several things such as loud noises, sudden movement, stress, or cold temperature. In the starting, the muscles in the trunk stiffen of those who have this ailment, over time, other body including the legs muscles also become stiff and rigid.

What are the consequences for people affected by this?

A person suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome takes 7 years to complete the diagnosis. It is subjective and different for every person as every other person can have different symptoms. If not treated properly, the symptoms can worsen. Walking and doing normal activities become difficult over time. Also, the risk of falls increases when the symptoms worsen, and the person suffering from this disorder might have to use a wheelchair.


Who gets this Syndrome?

As stated by Celina herself in the video, the disease is rare up to an extent that one in a million catches this disease. Moreover, scientists are still not aware of the cause of the disease and sometimes term it an autoimmune disease.

How is this Syndrome Treated?

Presently there is no permanent cure for Stiff Person Syndrome and not many hospitals can recognize it. The patients have to travel across countries to get better treatment. However Symptomatic therapy is generally used for patients suffering from such rare disorders. Medicines and a few treatments are prescribed to the patients that help relieve the pain and manage symptoms such as muscle rigidity and spasm.