After four seasons without a victory for Lando Norris, McLaren CEO Zak Brown is confident about getting him a race-winning car soon in the upcoming seasons.

Although he is not worried about Norris leaving the team due to its low success rate, Brown believes that the team can push hard enough to get themselves a car that is competitive enough with the current top-tier teams. He believes that the Briton is still very comfortable with the team and has no plans on shifting.

Brown told the media:

“I’m convinced we’re going to give him a winning car. We have a long-term contract with him and I think he feels very comfortable within the team.”

Lando Norris debuted in F1 with McLaren in 2018 and though he is still far from a victory, his performance has shown the capabilities he has. Scoring six podiums and a pole position within the last four seasons with a team that hasn’t even been close to being at its best is somewhat of a big deal. However, there’s more to Norris’ connection with the team.

Norris recently signed a contract with the team which ensures he has a seat there until the end of the 2025 season. While that reflects his confidence in the team, it also tells Brown and other personnel that they have a driver worthy of winning races with them.

Brown not worried about Lando Norris leaving the team anytime soon

Zak Brown is aware that they have limited time to develop their car capable enough to win races. However, he is not too worried, either. He talked about the pressure that the team has been putting on themselves as they are desperate to build a race-winning car but at the same time, Lando Norris’ contract is giving them ample time to do so.

RacingNews365 quoted him saying:

“(There’s) pressure we obviously put on ourselves, because we don’t want to just give him a winning car, we want to give us a winning car. We’ve got runway (left) to get there and he knows the journey, he’s bought into the journey that we’re on.”

“It is too early to be worried about (him leaving).”

Lando Norris’ driving has been promising for the team. In a surprising turn of events, he was the only driver to score a podium in the entire 2022 season other than the top three teams (Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes).

With Oscar Piastri as his teammate from the upcoming season, the chances for the team to battle their way through the top are good.