Roger Federer recently crossed paths with opera singer Marina Viotti, who had nothing but words of praise for him. The two were brought together for a fun chat by Credit Suisse and Pius, with the proceedings being hosted by Nicole Berchtold.

The goal of the evening was to talk about their respective lives and to see whether a sportsman and opera singer had anything in common.

“Last week I had the great honor and joy to meet with a true legend @rogerfederer. The point was to talk a bit about our professional life, even sometimes discuss our private life, and the most interesting was to see the common points between a sportsman and an opera singer,” Viotti said.

Viotti and the Swiss maestro discussed how they have handled the pressure and their journey towards becoming accomplished stars. The 36-year-old did acknowledge that he is way more successful than her.

“How we deal with pressure, how important is the family support, the discipline we have, how we must stay mentally and physically healthy, how we prepare the « after » plan, deal with the doubts and highs, the management of our career and personal life (he definitely is more successful than me about that last point 😁), Padèl (ofc), the changes to be expected in both of jobs…” Viotti stated.

Viotti further added that Federer is a lot more than his achievements on the court. In her eyes, while his professional accomplishments make him a great athlete, his humble demeanor and kindness make him an incredible person and a role model.

“What astonished me was the natural, kindness, elegance, humility and spontaneity of that incredible man. This is truly why he is, for me, one of the greatest sportsmen, not only for everything he has achieved, but also for the great person he is. A real example to follow!” she added.

Roger Federer makes an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Roger Federer has been quite active in the public eye recently. Following his interaction with Viotti, he was also a special guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Wednesday night.

The Swiss ace looked back on his illustrious career and also spoke about life after tennis. Noah’s tenure as the host of the show is also coming to an end, so the 20-time Major champion also took to Twitter to express his thanks for a delightful evening.

“Stopped by the @TheDailyShow to see my friend @Trevornoah. Thank you for having me on one of your last shows,” he tweeted.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner shared many stories about his life during his chat with Noah and even talked about his rivals, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.