Transformers Reactivate, a new title from developer Splash Damage, got a mysterious trailer at The Game Awards. The trailer shows a team of scientists working to awake a Transformer, who appears to be Bumblebee.

Most of the trailer is shown from the perspective of the Transformer, as the team of humans work around it to repair it. One talks about loading its memory core, upon which footage of a crowd in a city plays. The masses of people are fleeing a giant, red, and spiky spaceship that crashes into the street, kicking up an immense cloud of dust.

The footage then inter-cuts, alternately returning to the human team moving equipment and components around and showing footage of an battle taking place in the aforementioned city. Until the Transformer, while in the form of a military truck, is smashed by four-legged robot. However, the team is successful and after seeing UI that resembles a Transformer’s face, the robot steps up and looks at its yellow hands. Oh and a somber movie trailer version of Wanted: Dead or Alive plays through the whole thing.

Transformers: Reactivate uses Unreal Engine and you can sign up for updates on the official website.