During the 2022 Game Awards, Square Enix showed off a new Forspoken trailer and dropped a demo on PlayStation 5.

The new trailer mostly highlights the game’s dazzling looking combat, with an extraordinary amount of glowing particles. The footage is comprised of both gameplay and in-game cinematics.

In a trailer, a threatening voice alludes to the impact that Forspoken protagonist Frey has had on the world. It opens with images of a powerful looking noble and guards (called hunters) spreading panic and haranguing citizens with their magic. With Frey’s arrival, the voice claims, the people have hope again. Combat footage follows, with Frey shooting beams of lightning, blocking attacks with massive light-woven shields, and exploding roots from the ground to fight the aforementioned hunters, as well as other enemies like a massive skeletal brute.

Two of the more prominent hunters are also shown. One wears a circular mask made of triangle shards, and seems to wield fire magic, and the other has an antler-like head decoration, and casts wind spells. Another apparent boss battle takes place in a contemporary city environment. The trailer concludes with Frey fighting a strange, root-like enemy underneath the water.

Forspoken releases on PlayStation 5 on January 24, 2023. The fine print on the trailer says that Forspoken will be a PS5 exclusive until at least January 25, 2025, so the game will likely take at least two years to release on other platforms.