Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon was announced at the Game Awards, with a March 17, 2023 release date. The game has an isometric perspective and a painterly storybook style. It’s a prequel to the original game, featuring Bayonetta as a young girl wandering a strange and colorful world.

The trailer opens with a set of pages in a storybook that show Bayonetta’s adventures in the first three games, before flipping back to the beginning and showing the familiar logo. The image of a child Bayonetta in a vast wooded area, carrying a plushy cat, then fills in like a watercolor. The trailer proceeds with images of Bayonetta exploring the forest, alongside an exchange between Bayonetta and her mother, who calls her Cereza. Sure enough though, she gets into trouble, channeling a demon to her cat doll to battle enemies.

The game seems to be split between these two characters, with Bayonetta hopping and climbing around the forest, as her cat Cheshire fights monsters and helps her out. In the course of the trailer, it’s revealed that her mother is in some kind of supernatural trouble. She instructed Bayonetta to enter Avalon forest and to follow a white wolf that will guide her. On the quest to save her mother, Bayonetta will find her potential to become a witch.

This game is a spin-off separate from the already announced Bayonetta 4.