GTA Online is getting a new two-part story update revolving around the psychedelic drug trade. Called Los Santos Drug War, the story’s intro will arrive on December 13 and includes new missions, businesses, and cars.

In this new update, players will go to Blaine County and meet up with Nervous Ron. He’ll be with a group of people looking to get a slice of the Los Santos psychedelic drug trade, and you’re down to both create said drugs and fight off a “coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers.”

Players can expect a variety of updates, Rockstar said, including holiday-themed ones. We’ll need to wait for another cheekily written blog post to see what those new activities look like.

Rockstar has been keeping the online component of GTA V fed with regular weekly updates, and the occasional bigger story expansions like this Los Santos Drug War. One of the last major updates has been The Criminal Enterprise, released back in July. Just as the name suggests, it was an expansion with plenty of opportunity to commit crimes (though, that applies to Los Santos Drug War and GTA in general).

GTA Online also recently received quality-of-life updates. Most are minor, with ray tracing now supported for PS5 and Xbox Series X players.